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Pac-Man World 2 (PS2)
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: 02/24/2002
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Bonus Games

Collect the special tokens around the various worlds to unlock the following coin-op classics to be played at the arcade in Pac-Village
Get This By Doing This
Pac-Man 10 Tokens
Pac-Attack 30 Tokens
Jukebox 60 Tokens
Pac-Mania 100 Tokens
Ms Pac-Man 180 Tokens
150 tokens Museum (Pre-production artwork)

GameShark Codes

Modified Ver. Type FAQ Name and Author Size
2002-05-27 1.00 General FAQs  FAQ/Walkthrough by DMHawkmoon 122k
2002-03-21 1.0 In-Depth FAQs  Galaxian Location Guide by inio 12k
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