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Pac-Man World 2 (GC)
Publisher: Namco
Release Date: 03/19/2002
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Unlock Pac-Atack
Collect 30 tokens and you'll be able to play a tetris style game called Pac-Atack

Unlock Pac-Mania in the Arcade
Collect 100 Tokens to play Pac-Mania (Pac-Man with better graphics,Jumping,Diffrent Mazes, and six Ghosts)

Unlock The Museum
Get 150 tokens to unlock the museum.

Unlock the Jukebox
To unlock the Jukebox in the Arcade, simply collect 60 tokens.

Ms. Pac-Man Mini Game
Collect 180 tokens to unlock the Ms. Pack-Man arcade game

Unlock Pac-Man Arcade Game
Collect 10 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Man arcade game.


Modified Ver. Type FAQ Name and Author Size
2002-05-27 1.00 General FAQs  FAQ/Walkthrough by DMHawkmoon 122k
2002-03-21 1.0 In-Depth FAQs  Galaxian Location Guide by inio 12k
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