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 Game Companies

Namco: the big guys themselves. Creators of Pac Man, as well as Galaxian, Dig Dug, Time Crisis, and the incredibly overrated Tekken. Was stationed exclusively in Japan for a while, but is now a relatively big company with developers in Japan and the US. Also known as Namcot when making 8-bit games. Don't ask us why.

(Bally) Midway: Midway was paired with Namco during the early eighties, responsible for bringing their arcade games to the US. They overstepped their bounds almost right off the bat by releasing several unauthorized spinoffs of Pac-man, which Namco was naver really pleased with. They still take credit for Pac-man on their web page, and now that they've bought Atari Games, they're amiguously taking credit for Pong too. ("The Midway and Atari brands have generated revolutionary, record-breaking games such as Pong, Defender, Missile Command, Pac-Man..")

(Bally) Williams: Along with Midway, it was owned by Bally throughout the eighties. Because of this, the Bally Midway and Williams labels have been used interchangeably until recently, but it's really only the pinball games that the Williams team has actually developed, including Mr. and Mrs. Pac and Baby Pac. Since Midway split from the group, Bally Williams has continued developing units for casinos, and the occasional video pinball game.

Atari: We've all watched with pity as Atari went from the only company, to the best company, to a struggling company, to a downright embarrasing company, and finally to a dead company throughout the age of videogames. It's the company that has always been primarily responsible for putting Pac on the home systems. In fact, that's about all they could do during the turbulent videogame crash that they never recovered from. They also put in the US arcades Pacmania, Galaga '88, and (sort of) Pac & Pal. They developed games for the Nintendo and Genesis under the Tengen label, which was one of the first of many entities to be sued by Nintendo.

The Rest: Innerprise, Grandslam, Quicksilva, Thunder Mountain, and INTV all developed ports of Pac games for the home systems. Virtuality made the VR game. Digital Eclipse is either the same as Innerprise, or they're theives. Atried Concept and Mindscape developed the worst Pac-man game ever. Coleco, Mattel, Amstrad, Commodore, Sinclair, Texas Instruments, IBM, Apple, Philips, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony all had Pac-man released for their game and computer systems. Did I forget anyone?

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